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Hair Straightening Brush Work est to go to Shanghai Finance, but do not go to school to study, just need the qualifications of the university, admitted to the establishment of Sino Japanese exchange base classes, Go directly to Japan. Ah, before you heard what you heard. Well, I am today only to tell the small Division As if everyone fell asleep, the temperature began to fall at three o clock, around the hot air seems to be scattered, a large group with a large group of cold water vapor filled with open to enveloped in the garden inside the street. Li Xia feel a little cold, but fortunately, the face of seven seven legs came some hot temperature. Then the beginning of hair straightening brush work summer seems to fall asleep. Some people in the hazy clothes to their own Phi. Just too tired to open his eyes to see who. Just the smell of grass on the clothes Li Xia is familiar. Lixia like to do a dream, all trance back to three years ago. The first time he came to Asakawa, a station by the whole city Zhetianzhuo camphor frightened, at that time the sun as bright as it is now. Asakawa half in the shadows, half of the sun shines. Dream a lot of people laughing, his face exudes a bright face of happiness. 1.1995 summer solstice camphor unknown The summer of 1995. The first day of high school. In fact, early summer to Asakawa was only three days, but it feels like the city is particularly familiar with. Those tall camphor like childhood in their own dreams repeatedly painted color, with a s.t, Passing a few fence with a wall of the wall, a few of the wall hair straightening brush work on the notice posted hair straightening brush work for several months still no movement. Roadside camphor to the summer as thick as the ink shade covered with small shade Fu small Secretary of the back of the arch, flickering classes suddenly refuted. Fu Xiaoji ride to the land of the Ang family s door, before the car stopped to see the land of Ang pushed the bike out, he turned to see the cross in the door sitting on the bike Fu small division, expression in the Then the moment played in the face of all the weak and strong changes, but ultimately attributed to calm, open mouth Lao Bantian not speak, the last to speak out, what are you hair straightening brush work doing here What am I doing here. Small Division of the heart to think, really like their usual speech tone, but also, and his straightening brush for wet hair own smelly with a face expressionless. Nothing, passing here. Come to see you, this month you are at home to build atomic bomb it Fu small a little angry to the bike bell press to go, and then looked up at the front of the land of Ang. Do not know when this guy is higher than their half head, and hate the root itch. Nothing at home do not want to come out. that s it Well, so Well, then I go back. In fact, Fu small heart is a little angry. Because no matter how you can see the heart of the land of Ang things, but do not want to tell him. It seems that from small to large such a situation did not happen, the normal situation should be the land of.

that this is a small division, that is, countless girls like Fu small Division. I finally can understand those girls around me jealous of my reasons. This moment I understand that I was all like dearkays best electric hair straightening brush the small Division of the simple girl in a simple one, at this straightening hair brush harvey norman moment even a little jealous of myself, jealous of their own brush straightener reviews uk easily with you through the clouds of youth , Jealousy casually and you stand in the sun in the shutter press the moment to bid farewell to high school, jealousy casually to stay in your next look at you daze or quietly sleep, jealous of their own and You have seen the rain in the studio when the dark rain, heard the twilight of the four hour snow. You know very pleased at the moment, and even joy was slightly deep sore chest. 2002, the beginning of summer Back to the studio is almost eight o clock. Companies who work overtime to continue to go out, see Fu Xia Division and the beginning of the summer will nod, and then laughed at them two friendly overtime Wang. Through the media. A national well known cross industry group. There are many Chinese frontline singer, host, writer, painter, actor, director, talent all over the cultural industry in various fields. And there are a lot of circle Dingding famous broker. Small Division of the Kingdom of Heaven in 2001 caused a sensation when the media through the invitation to join Fu small one, and specifically for him to set up an independent studio Island let alone operation. After almost.hood hair straightening brush thin hair memories, and now, is more like his brother or mature than their friends. Small Division to recognize this really a bit more difficult. He remembered his first idea in the beginning when the subconsciously touched his forehead to see if there is a fever, because this kind of similar to the hair straightener brush compared land of the Ang is quite mature and calm the idea of Fu small division is really very hair straightening brush work different. Small Division engraved his first thought of this is the time in the summer of last year, in the swimming class, the small Division and the beginning of summer sitting in the pool side, and the land of Ang in the pool silently swim one after another back and forth. At that time the small Division for the first time that the land of Ang seems to be a quiet person. At that time also because of his shoulder by the land of Ang with water burns left traces of small fuss, and now, the traces of the shoulder has disappeared. Small Division subconsciously touched the shoulder piece of the fact that no longer exists in the scar, re close your eyes, eyes quiet blue. Like standing in the deep seabed, raised his head there are vagaries of the blue sky, there are beam shaped white light. Deep sea countless fish. Love is fleeting. So many things, in fact, can hair straightening brush blue not be a long time, even if we feel can hair straightening brush work always exist, but always such words, it seems that never appeared, so a lot of time I have always been there, Are thinking, of Ang, we can do a lifetime of good friends Even afte.n the darkness of the night was a flash of firelight was remembered. Maybe. Perhaps it is because two people have to spend their lonely time with it. They are in their most lonely time, the world away from their nearest man. At seven twenty in the evening the sky was completely black. Met a good thing to wait for the 7 30 to go. Because they have to go home to make up change clothes and then go to the bar to sing. Outside is the sky of goose feather snow, this is to Beijing after he saw the hair straightening brush work first few snow it A total of no more than five games, but they can not remember. do not know why. Because the open hair straightening brush work air harsh, almost no convenience stores to patronize. So they are in a daze. Duan bridge lying on the cashier, like a child to his face affixed to the table, pencil was slender fingers turn. Met to see this picture feel good familiar. Like in Asakawa one of those days, spacious and bright classroom, head of eight fluorescent lamps, cast a clear and delicate white light, all the shadows are very light very pale, the teacher sitting on the podium reading the newspaper, the blackboard Is written during the day to review the outline of the teacher or finishing notes, chalk handwriting slightly fuzzy, everyone around the pen fist pen, paper friction friction paper sound like a rustling sound of the rain, quiet and far reaching. These are the only few impressions that come across my mind about the evening classes. Because most of the classes are met to.

Hair Straightening Brush Work Mother did not come, in fact, hair straightening brush work when she walked or to come, but after all, I persuaded her, I really great and Lotus, it is estimated that when I University of Tong Chan Peony just around the corner, and that time can hair straightening brush oak leaf be so and so Like to participate in the college debate. A group of people in front of the TV curse scolded to really fun, there are a bunch of people to help cheer, scolded the wonderful office will be some applause. What a perfect world. But I know my mother sent me on the train when the red eyes, but I pretended not to see it. In fact, I have red eyes, the same my mother pretended not to know it. Hey, really pretentious two mother and daughter ah, can not stand. Relatives in the home is always uncomfortable. Although everyone s hair straightening brush on relaxed hair smile is still standard and without any flaws. But always find a little bit of temperature, which is too depressed, hey. Seventy seven dad opened the car to send her, really too JJYY the ah, pull the wind to death. But if I have such a father, I think I still do not want to sit in hair straightening brush work private cars to school it, that too, in fact, sitting in private cars to class and sitting on rockets to Mars in my concept are the same Latin lamp to achieve, but if God gave me a lamp I would say five words let me go to Mars. There were a lot of letters in the box between the friends. Now think about it, even in a school can write each other so much, and even stamped the post office to pocket a circle, perhaps the impulse and stu.nt from the damp dark inner ground. Qingtian, one day, you will see my CD CD in the sales of the title position. The time has come, met to remove the coat from the wall, eyes slightly tingling, she interpreted this as too much light, but she knew that do hair straightening brush work not go, then those who shed tears is not too strong to explain the light in the past , I get off work, you refuel it, the great architect. Every day to class ah, paragraph bridge back, smiling eyes closed, every day to teach those children are hair straightening brush work not tired Said he is a piano teacher. Very powerful, so young will be able to teach other children, handsome face, like the most thorough of the water, I was born with no artistic cells, what musical instruments will not. Also said that they are cheating paragraph bridge Of students, part time hair straightening brush work teaching piano and do convenience store staff. No, ah, I heard people say, the building is solidified music, one day, when you become the best architect, then you are also the best musician ah. I go first, to be late hair straightening brush best The tears will flow down. The tide piled up in the heart. Cordon. red light. Long whistle. There is a soft but firm voice saying, Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Time did not wait for me. You forgot to take me. Why do not you wait for that person, not you Why in the cold wind pouring the moment I put on the coat, not you Why do you think my clothes in the snowy night is too thin will certainly be cold people, not you Why the nose flew into the boys instantl.


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